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Protectiva Compliance Manager

Risk Management

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Identify risks to your business, evaluate them through online assessments and metrics, and respond with remediation or acceptance. RSA Archer Risk Management enables you to proactively address reputational, financial, operational and IT risks against your corporate objectives. This web-based solution delivers a central management system for identifying risks, evaluating their likelihood and impact, relating them to mitigating controls and tracking the resolution of findings. Based on the COSO Enterprise Risk Management -- Integrated Framework, RSA Archer Risk Management allows you to build a risk repository tied to objectives, supporting metrics and loss events. You can then deliver targeted risk assessments to evaluate identified risks within your environment and manage the remediation or acceptance of assessment findings. With RSA Archer, you have the tools to implement your unique enterprise risk management methodology—automating, streamlining, measuring and reporting at every step of the process.

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