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Honeypots - ловушки для хакеров и компьютерных вирусов

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Проактивные средства обнаружения вторжений и несанкционированного доступа к информации, основанные на имитации данных и анализе обращений к имитируемым прикладным программам и сетевым сервисам.
Drupal Honeypot
Honeypot uses both the honeypot and timestamp methods of deterring spam bots from completing forms on your Drupal site. These methods are effective against many spam bots, and are not as intrusive as CAPTCHAs or other methods which punish the user [YouTube]. The module currently supports enabling for all forms on the site, or particular forms like user registration or password reset forms, webforms, contact forms, node forms, and comment forms.
Honeyd Virtual Honeypot
Honeyd is a small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network. The hosts can be configured to run arbitrary services, and their personality can be adapted so that they appear to be running certain operating systems. Honeyd enables a single host to claim multiple addresses on a LAN for network simulation. Honeyd improves cyber security by providing mechanisms for threat detection and assessment. It also deters adversaries by hiding real systems in the middle of virtual systems.
Ghost USB honeypot
Ghost is a honeypot for malware that spreads via USB storage devices. It detects infections with such malware without the need of any further information. Honeypot was first developed for a bachelor thesis at Bonn University in Germany. Now development is continued by the same developer within the Honeynet Project.
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